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Design Services

Living room with fireplace

Design Services 

Timeless Designs offers residential and historic commercial design services that includes, but is not limited to, new construction, additions, and renovations. We follow a three-phase design process for all projects. Each phase builds on the previous phase. In comparison to building a house, it’s important to start with a solid foundation (feasibility design). On that foundation, we can build a frame that will last for generations (design development). Lastly, we put the finishing touches that makes every home unique (construction documents).

Schematic Design

General Floor Plan

During this phase, we work closely with our clients to establish the program (wish list), scope of the project, working budget, and a general sense of the desired aesthetic. We design the floor plans, exterior elevations, and basic character of the house. These drawings can be used to secure conceptual architectural review board approvals.

Design Development

General Image

During the designs development phase, we refine the information generated in the feasibility phase. We began to focus on specific elements that comprise the whole (e.g., building sections, trim details, kitchen layout, types of heating systems, etc.). We work to ensure that the proposed project is realistic in terms of budget.

Construction Documents

General Specification

At the start of this final and major “pre-construction” phase, the focus is on producing all the necessary construction documents for the bidding process and construction. This phase also includes the addition/editing of details and documenting all the specifications. It is our goal to have every detail documented prior to sending the design out to bid. This allows for a more streamline bidding process and, ultimately, an accurate bid by contractors.

Construction Administration

General Image

At Timeless Designs, we don’t leave our clients once the design is complete. We continue to work with our clients and contractors to ensure that the project/dream is brought to fruition and is in accordance with the design, schedule, and budget.

1. We lead weekly project meetings and review the progress of construction.

2. We confirm that the contractor is executing the project as per the design and specifications. 

3. We are available to quickly resolve unforeseen issues and unexpected conditions so construction progress isn't delayed.

4. We review the contractor's payments so we can have more leverage during construction. 

5. We review shop drawings and submittals

6. We assist with preparing and confirming the completion of the punch list and that the certificate of occupancy is issued. 

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